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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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officials are calling it catastrophic flooding. three counties in that state are under a flash flood emergency. we'll be walking you through it all day long. thank you so much for staying with us. >> john king up next. "state of the union" at 9:00 with jake tapper. another mass shooting puts guns front and center in campaign 2016. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it's not enough. >> plus, are these top republicans ready for prime time? the man in line to be speaker gives hillary clinton a huge gift. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable. right. we put together a benghazi special committee. >> donald trump praises putin's military push in syria. >> let russia take care of isis. >> ben carson is asked how he would prepare the nation for a big hurricane.
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>> i don't know. >> and 26 million reasons hillary clinton is feeling the burn. >> there is nothing, nothing we cannot accomplish. "inside politics." the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing our sunday morning. with us molly ball, cnn monoknew ranch shoe, cnn sara murray. hillary clinton calls the deadly massacre sickening and heartbreaking. to her the necessary political response is obvious. >> what is wrong with us that we can't stand up to the nra and the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers they represent? >> now the republican candidates also were quick to condemn the shooting. they were also quick to say new gun controls would not have prevented the tragedy. >> the impulses is always to do something and it's not
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necessarily the right thing to do. >> if you have crazy people who want to kill a lot of individuals, they'll find a way to do it. >> if you had a couple of teachers or somebody with guns in the room, you would have been a hell of a lot better off. >> now team clinton sees an issue gun control which was once dangerous for democrats as a general election plus now. perhaps in the short term how much of a dividing line gun law will be in the heated democratic debate next week. bernie sanders is a long time defender of gun rights popular in his rural home state of vermont. just listen here to senator sanders yesterday at an event in massachusetts. >> we need to bring our people together to stop the shouting to pass sensible gun control legislation. legislation that says clearly guns should not be owned by people who should not have them.
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>> we often talk about maybe hillary clinton moving left to deal with the primary dynamics. is that senator sanders moving left from a position who said you have to respect the views for people living in rural america. is he responding to pressure? >> absolutely. i think there's so much talk about bernie is so authentic and consistent. he's had the same liberal views for 30 years. guns is something where he's being put on the spot. it's been the sort ofs a terrific on his liberal record he did have a very sort of conservative position on guns because being from vermont. and now he's -- now it's in the spotlight he gets squeezed on it and we see him articulating a different position. >> it a chance? >> she has to be tempted. i know, the moderators at cnn will be certainly ramped up with the brady bill vote. >> you can say no. >> congressman sanders did
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oppose the brady bill signed into law by bill clinton. you can see the opportunity there for hillary to go after him. it's hard to see her head on confronting bernie, but i do think she'll at least obliquely talk about her consistent record in support of gun safety. you see the other candidates who are trying to make headway in the democratic primary. already trying to make this an issue martin o'malley, his super pac hitting bernie on the issue earlier this year. i'm sure you'll see some of those folks trying to get to hillary's left to take that support away from bernie. i'm not sure how successful it will be given his views on a sweep of issues that make him to the left of everybody else. >> a campaign debate, you saw the president the other day, he didn't call on congress to do anything. he was calling on the american people saying you need to pressure congress to do something in the future. he seems to get as much as he's in the familiar horrible place
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after mass shootings is his view of gun control would help isn't going anywhere. >> and he knows that. how many times does he have to go up there and give a speech. he feels like he's able to accomplish a lot in his agenda. this is one gaping hole. he feels that. it's hard to see how it changes. unless there's a huge turn over in the house and senate, even if you elect a new democratic president, you can't get that done. >> maybe. maybe they will. i don't think they will. maybe they can at least have a conversation about the mental health issues. another issue that could come up in the democratic debate that came up when the president was answering questions he was talking about the mum bow jumbo or the half-baked ideas he was hearing from the republicans on syr syria. then he was remind eed hillary clinton supports a no-fly zone.
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the president tried. >> hillary clinton is not half baked in terms of her approach to these problems. she was obviously my secretary of state, but i also think that there's a difference of running for president and being president. >> ouch. >> ouch. >> senator sanders should note, he's with the president. saying no-fly zone would do no good. that's so obama. he's basically saying so you to say certain rhetorical things when you're a kid. we get that. >> like closing -- >> exactly. he's so dismissive of the political strokes and sees his job differently than being a candidate. but it was fascinating that sanders wasted no time in siding with obama. >> this is one of three issues that hillary clinton opposed the
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president on. not only that syria, keystone, and drilling in the arctic. she's figuring out her spots to differentiate herself from the president? >> do you think the president is keeping count? >> you know, it does expose a riff that existed when she was secretary of state in the white house particularly on foreign policy. hillary clinton had a more interventionist view. she wanted to be more aggressive and president obama was not as comfortable with that. that's a harder thing to deal with when you're both in the white house. when she's on the campaign trail and he's in the white house, i think we're seeing that division emerge. >> it's being seen as a weakness for her in the democratic primary she is more hawkish. it's not necessarily what democratic primary voters want to see. on the syria issue and obama is telling the truth. there's pressure on candidates to have something they would say they would do. it doesn't have to be plausible. it doesn't have to be something you could if you're president. you have to say there's something that would be done because the situation is a mess.
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>> more on the question of plausibility when we get to the republicans. $26 million for bernie sanders reported this week. $28 million for clinton. if you look at the burn rate, hillary clinton is spending money about as quickly as it comes in. how big a deal that bernie sanders is proving not only competitive in the polls but building a war chest. >> he has people that can give and give again. these are not people who are maxed out. it's almost entirely online. he had less than five actual events to raise money during the entire quarter. hillary clinton is having multiple events. on some days. it is an exclamation point. >> it means he can potentially last beyond the first four primary states. the clinton people are hoping to deliver a knock off blow on supertease -- tuesday. if bernie has the money he'll be in the race in awhile. >> hillary is spending the money
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but she's got an enormous number of personnel. it gives her an organization and infrastructure that she can use to actually run this campaign on the ground where it matters. is bernie doing that? is it an expression of support that is a demonstration of his appeal. >> zero tv ads so far. >> at a certain point you have to spend money as bernie sanders. the burn rates will get closer to each other. >> we'll see soon. tv ads and the like. up next head-scratching moments from the top republicans. including a giant gift to hillary clinton. politicians say the darnest things. >> i'm just so darn bummed. all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that is like " "you're all losers."
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>> it is great how long you supported gay marriage. >> yeah. i could have supported it sooner >>well, you did pretty soon. >> yeah. >> fair point. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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a few weeks donald trump said the united states should be open to accepting more syrian refugees because what he called an unbelievable humanitarian problem. he's suggesting yesterday that the flood of refugees could be part of a deliberate strategy by is isis. get this. a trojan horse, he says. >> this could be one of the great military cues of all time. if they send them to our country, young, strong people and they turn out to be isis. now probably that won't happen but some of them definitely, in my opinion, will be isis. >> probably -- >> not saying it's going to happen. but never mind that a coup comes from within an organization. it's if the lieutenants -- i'm sorry, details. what? >> i'm sorry. >> but what? he wants to be commander in chief in president.
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he said let putin handle it, first, even though the pentagon said the strikes are helping ass assad. >> you should be worried about the tremendous problem -- no, i think, look, i think donald trump is a little bit desperate to stay in the headlines. we've seen it before. the feuds with the media, the outrageous comments, the borderline racism. we've seen this movie. i think he has to find new ways to generate controversy and keep people interested, because what he's finding out is the campaign is a long slog. if you're an entertainer who is good at generating controversy sometimes people want something new. >> event think will catch up to him. the commander in chief test is real. when the candidates try to disturb wish themselves it's going to hurt them. >> isn't that happened in the last debate. he disappeared there. when they were talking about national security. >> this is not his wheel house. he debuted the idea he would
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deport any syrian refugees at an event i was at in new hampshire. this was his biggest applause line of the night was saying he would get rid of the refugees. there could be members of isis among them. he's playing to the base of folks who like the idea of build a wall, deport the undocumented immigrants. the same people are responding to the idea that we get rid of the syrian refugees was they could be isis. is it good foreign policy? >> in terms of refugees then he realizes it plays to that base so he changes his mind entirely. i have to say that we, the media, are partly to blame here. if we held him to the same standard that we held other candidates to, for the stuff he says, there would be stories every single day about his flop flops and inconsistencies and outrageous statements. what happens is he just goes on the next round of shows and says
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more stuff and we move on. but, you know, saying that the syrians are going to come here and stage a cow in the united states of america is the kind of thing that should be scrutinized if he's leading in the polls. >> let's see. we're trying to scrutinize it now. >> the people looking for a responsible policy thinker were never in trump's camp. they're not going to see this and go oh, wait. >> are you ready for prime time moment the head of the republican establishment going nuts. ken mccarthy, the man by all accounts, about to be the speaker of the house goes on fox news and essentially connects the dots saying, well, the reason -- he said it after this is not true. this is not what i meant. if you listen he seems to be saying we knew hillary clinton would be tough so we used our power to form a special committee. >> everybody thought that hillary clinton was unbeatable,
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right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. i talked to several what i'll call establishment who were app to pleptic. they don't have a choice, do they have? >> they'll have a choice this week. the conservative republican from utah is announcing today he's going to run for speaker against kevin mccarthy. but mccarthy is, by the way, the favorite heading into a key leadership race this thursday. the big question for mccarthy is he can win 218 votes on the house floor this month? he can only lose 29 reasons. and already 25 republicans are in the camp that voted against john boehner in january. it makes a lot of people nervous. i heard the same things you
5:50 am
heard. will it go over 29 he'll have fewer than 218 votes and that can throw the whole. >> jeb bush if you look at the polls he may not make the debate. his former friend is going up. listen. i relied on people like marco rubio and many others to follow my leadership and we moved the needle. we've had a president who came in and said the same kind of thing. new and improved, hope and change, and he didn't have the leadership skills to fix things. >> it's a head -- >> if you want to criticize somebody in the republican primary criticizing marco rubio is like barack obama, a freshman senator who doesn't know what he's doing, ouch. >> that's the way to do it. people thought it would be coming. they knew bush was going to have
5:51 am
to go after rubio. i think maybe people were surprised to see it this early. it's hard to pretend like you're friend with someone and run against them for president. that's where your super pac raises $100 million dollars. >> boom, boom, boom. that's what campaigns are about, i guess. one presidential campaign that many view as now being on life support. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected
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let's head around the inside politics table. give you sneak peek at the political news ahead. >> the rand paul campaign, which once showed so much promise is now officially on death watch. it's never a good look for your campaign whenni every interview with the des moines register starts with "are you dropping out?" . he's disappointing fundraising numbers. he won't be able to keep the pace of spending. he's not getting very big crowds. he's polling so low it's a question whether he'll make the main stage for the next republican debate at the end of the month. a lot of nervous, well, i would say a lot of nervous donors. but there's not lot of donors left. the big names and libertarian money he thought were going to come through for him didn't come
5:57 am
through. so, you know, he has said multiple times he's still in this. he's going to be in it when people vote but it's looking very dicey for him. >> money tends to follow performance and he hasn't performed. >> the most overlooked story of last week was in colorado where republicans failed to get a key recruit in the senate race there against michael bennett. the man who prosecuted james holmes, the person who killed 12 people in the aurora shooting. he was seen as probably the last best candidate to take on bennett in the rake. he was surprise bid saying he would not run against bennett and the republicans i talked to and in washington are very fearful that michael bennett who is vulnerable, is going to skait into that seat next year. he's going have a long way. it's going tell us a lot about the full senate pictures.
5:58 am
they cub safe in 2016 which is a huge surprise. >> we forget sometimes how important that is. >> has money bought jeb love? one of bush's rivals told me yesterday that jeb bush and the super pac have spent over $3 million on new hampshire tv. this is what you call john peabody in the polls. the campaign is anticipating a little bump in jeb's numbers in new hampshire and they're trying to get ahead of that. it also, by the way, is yet another indication of the more muscular combative phase we're seeing where the campaigns are directly engaging one another. i think it's a sign of things to come. >> saw that last night while watching the red sox game. >> i've heard donor panic in bush world. now i'm hearing panicking about something new in the muscular phase. they're worried that the pro
5:59 am
bush super pac is inspiring marco rubio. why do they care? he's likable. they think he could be a good second choice if bush can't get the poll numbers up. they don't want to see him annihilated by super pac spend ing. they're not sure what to do about it. >> the florida family feud. don't expect vice president biden at the debate. it doesn't necessarily mean he won't make his decision by the debate. he's close making up his mind. rounding third base is how one advisor put it to me yesterday. the vice president is well aware he can't wait too much longer. even if he decided before tuesday's debate, participating is almost certainly out of the question. they don't have an infrastructure in place to pull off the mechanics of a modern debate like a rapid response media team or vip spin room presence. for weeks now those familiar
6:00 am
with the deliberations -- wanting to run doesn't mean the vice president will run. that's all for "inside politics." "state of the union" with jake tapper starts right now. breaking point? as the nation reels from yet another mass shooting president obama asks the public to push for new gun laws. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it's not enough. new details from the scene of the campus shooting in oregon. plus, putin on the attack. russia launches air strikes in syria. >> you better stay out of the way. that's the message that should be sent. >> is a u.s. russia approximately war already


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